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Midnight Lace Obsidian Worry Stone

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This listing is for one Black Obsidian worry stone made from Midnight Lace Obsidian - a special type of black Obsidian coming from the Caucasus mountains. This deposit of Obsidian has very distinctive black stripes running through a very transparent black Obsidian. Obsidian is volcanic glass, created in volcanic eruptions. In the case of Midnight Lace, the lava was thick and slow-moving creating "Laminar flow". Laminar flow is a type of flow pattern of a fluid in which all the particles are flowing in parallel lines - this creates the stripes of ash within Midnight Lace Obsidian.

Like all black Obsidian, Mightnight lace is a stone of spiritual exploration, emotional healing and has a firey, detoxifying energy. Midnight Lace is thought to also offer added psychic protection and be an excellent stone for silencing the chatter of the mind.

Each stone has its own pattern, but all have a smoky gray color with black banding. The surface is nearly matte, like buffed glass. Still has some natural white frost but is totally smooth. When laid flat, they look solid black or maybe a very dark brown - it doesn't take much light to see the beautiful stripes within.

You will receive one Midnight Lace Obsidian stone and a black Obsidian meaning card
Approximate Size: 1.5in x 1.2in x .2in
All Patterns are Different
Origin: Russia
Ships within 2 business days


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