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Healer's Gold Pendant Necklace, Pyrite Magnetite


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This is a striking Apache Gold/Healer's Gold pendant necklace crafted with the well-known Arizona Pyrite, Magnetite combo and set in .925 sterling silver.

This pendant is a mix of Pyrite and Magnetite, a combination known as Apache Gold or Healer's Gold. These are the metaphysical names attributed to this particular combination of stones. This type of Pyrite emanates powerful, positive energy and is used by healers and readers to help stay energized during healing sessions and prevent feeling drained. All Pyrite is grounding and protective, but Apache Gold Pyrite is thought to be especially attuned to the Earths' grounding and shielding properties.

You will receive the exact pendant shown and your choice of chain if desired. The stone is sourced from Arizona.

Pyrite/Magnesite in Sterling Silver
Pendant Size: 41mm x 25mm x 7mm
Ships within 2 business days
Chains are .925 Sterling Silver, Englongated Rolo style with Lobster Clasp. Available in 16in, 18in and 20in

Robert Simmons from the book of stones on Healer's Gold/Apache Gold: "Seldom will one come upon such a powerful positive energy. It harmonizes the astral, subtle and causal bodies and aligns them correctly with the physical. It is balancing to the male and female aspects of the self.. It helps people with low energy and eliminates passivity. Healers who work with this stone will find that they no longer experience 'energy' drain - in fact, Healer's Gold brings about a synergy in which both practitioner and client are likely to feel a marked increase in their energy levels."


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