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Garnet in Graphite from Red Embers Mine, Erving, Massachusetts

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Amazing! This is a spectacular find from the Red Embers Mine in Erving Massachusetts. This location is currently only mined by one individual who puts an incredible amount of care into perfectly extracting and cleaning these plates of Garnets. They are Almandine Garnets in a Graphite matrix. When backlit, these glow an awesome red color. Very otherworldly! This is a larger size slab and the Garnets have great color. The miner only does one show per year making availability very limited. A one-of-a-kind and collectible find!

Place in front of a sunny window or lamp to make the Ganets glow!

You will receive the exact specimen shown.

You will receive the exact specimen shown.


Size: 6in x 3.5in x 0.25in

Weight: 4.5oz

Ships within 3 business days

Below are some photos of Jay mining 


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