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Spirit Quartz, Cactus Amethyst, Self Standing

Rocks & Fossils

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This is a gorgeous, large Spirit Quartz cluster with sparkling lavender crystal points. Self Standing for display, this piece has lovely color and is well intact. This piece stands the way it shown in the first photo.

Spirit Quartz is also known as Cactus Amethyst or Pineapple Quartz. Its unusual crystal structure is thought to be a result of growing somewhat more quickly than other Amethyst or Quartz crystals. A second generation of crystals forms right over the original point, creating a wonderful druzy cluster. Spirit Quartz are thought to embody all the healing properties of Quartz and also bring joy and lightheartedness. Read more below.

You will receive the exact Spirit Quartz crystal shown.
Origin: South Africa
Specimen: AME-0589
Approximate Dimensions: 3in x 3in x 2in
Weight: 9.4oz
Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals

Below is adapted from Robert Simmons' Book of Stones the Revised Edition
"When used in mediation, Spirit Quartz can bring peace of mind and freedom from Fear. This is one of its most significant traits. Spirit Quartz gently releases the tensions of our conscious and unconscious fears, allowing us to truly live.

Spirit Quartz is aptly named because it is a stone for bringing Spirit into play with all aspects of one's inner and outer life. It aligns the everyday self with the Higher Self and assists the Higher self in manifesting through one's human form. This creates a dynamic via which the speed of one's evolution is increased and one's positive effect upon other people and the world are greatly enhanced.

The Amethyst form of Spirit Quartz directly links one's Conscious mind to the Higher Self, allowing one to comprehend and verbally express the knowledge and wisdom...

The Amethyst form of Spirit Quartz is very cleansing and purifying to the auric field. It can dispel negative attachments and entities, repair holes in the etheric body, balance the astral body and bring the chakras and meridians up to their optimal level of functioning. It stimulates the crown chakra, opening it fully so one can receive spiritual information and communication from guides.

It can dissolve imbalances at meridian node points = the simplest way is for the healer to hold the stone a few inches from the blocked area, directing the crystal toward the points and rotating it counterclockwise until the blockage is dissolved and its energetic shadow has disappeared"


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