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4 PACK | Raw Selenite Sticks | 4" Raw Wands


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Selenite Sticks in Bulk | 4 Pack of pure white Selenite crystal wands. Each stick is carved from clean, raw Selenite and has a sturdy, rod shape. 4" size is perfect for everyday use and travel. Also great for carving or jewelry. Use them to cleanse crystals or the energy of a room. Place them all around the house or line them up to place and cleanse large crystals. 

4 Pack White Selenite Sticks Includes 
4X 4" Raw Wands
1 Selenite Meaning Card

I lightly buff the outside of these so they are not too sharp, but they are still totally raw and not chemically treated in any way. 

Selenite is an essential crystal for energy cleansing and clearing the energy of other crystals. Selenite never needs to be cleansed and is thought to absorb negative energy and purify your surroundings. 


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