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7 Herbs Incense - INCA, Natural Handmade in Brazil


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7 Herbs Incense sticks. These are thick, black incense sticks with a 90 minutes burn time.

From the Maker:

Made with carefully selected "7 Herbs", this incense produces a fine, smooth and very pleasant presence aroma. Her feminine energy is contagious, purifies, garnishes and harmonizes the environment so that we can feel good, peaceful and at home. Bring the presence of the good Mother, Life and Sea to our homes. Renew, purify and give birth. 

So-called 7 herbs are already a tradition within incense making, now reinforced in their action through the artisan process that only Inca brings to you. 

Box contains 4 incense sticks. 
Each stick burns for approximately 90 min. 
Careful and handmade manufacturing. 
Natural, Handmade and Therapeutic Incense 
Non Toxic


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