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Aegirine in Feldspar With Smoky Point


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This is a beautiful Aegirine crystal cluster with shiny blades of Aegirine embedded in feldspar and a lovely little Smoky Quartz point on the side. A special find for any healing crystal collection or mineral enthusiast. A unique mineral, Aegirine forms in dark green to black prismatic crystals. Aegirine was named after the Norse god of the sea, Ægir. Metaphysically, Aegirine is a premier stone of repairing the Aura and removing negative attachments from one's energy field. It is a clearing stone, that helps remove spiritual ‘residue’ that can linger in our field. Aegirine is an excellent stone for body layouts and works equally well across all chakras. It has protective energy that is also empowering and energizing. It helps us confront our behaviors head-on and better understand our sources of power.

Aegirine is known as a stone that allows us to ‘see the light’ - for some this can mean finding our way out of a low emotional state, for others, it’s a surge of energy or sudden clarity. In every way, Aegirine is the vanquisher of darkness.

Read more about Aegirine here

You will receive the exact Aegrinie shown
Size: 2.5in x 2in x 1.5in
Weight: 8oz
Origin: Zomba, Malawi
Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals


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