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Agate Turtle Suncatcher, Reiki Infused, Local Artist - Rearview

Agate Turtle Suncatcher, Reiki Infused, Local Artist - Rearview

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This is a handmade and Reiki-infused Agate Turtle Suncatcher. Makes beautiful rainbows! This suncatcher is the right length to hang from the rearview mirror and has a little clasp at the top. 

All our suncatchers are handmade and reiki infused by artist Sharon Keating of Carver, MA. Each one includes her meaning card making these beautiful, meaningful gifts.  

From the Maker: CRYSTAL SUNCATCHERS - Are perfect for decorating your home, office or sacred space and make wonderful gifts for anyone. Hang in a sunny window and watch as the sunlight moves through the prisms on your crystal transforming your sacred space with rainbows and light. Crystal suncatchers are designed to “catch the light” from a sunny window and project dancing rainbows around your home. This delicate crystal suncatcher is perfect for gift-giving. Each one is created with Love and Infused with Reiki Healing. Handmade in the USA.

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