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Amazing Dendritic Quartz Flame with Golden Hematite, Fitted Stand

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One-of-a-kind! This is an amazing Dendritic Quartz specimen with golden Hematite. The Dendrite formations in this are absolutely incredible and the shape compliments it perfectly. I actually picked up this piece at the Tucson Gem show and then we completed the polishing and fitting here at Cape Cod Crystals. So this is one is an exclusive! The quartz has almost an opal-eqse, girasol look with some 'Golden Healer' action mixed in. 

Comes on a fitted stand. 


Total Size: 7.25in x 4in x 2in


Ships within 3 business days

Metaphysical info: Deriving from the Greek word dendron meaning "Tree", Dendrite crystals develop a multi-branching form and appearance. Dendritic crystals strengthens one's connection to the Earth and brings the strength an stability of a deeply rooted tree. Dendrites create peaceful environments and encourages present enjoyment of each moment. It lends perseverance during periods of growth and change, and the ability to see challenges in a positive light. Root Chakra. Virgo, Earth, Earth Element.

Golden Healer: Golden Healer Quartz emanates profoundly powerful currents for the healing of the body and the expansion of one's consciousness. Connects us to the Golden Ray, the golden light of the Universal Life Force, Divine Spirit and Source of Creation. Considered a Master Healer, Golden Healer Quartz both draws energy from the Earth and allows the Golden Ray to enter the body through the crown chakra. Its high vibrational energy clears blockages and imbalances through all chakras


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