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Amethyst Generator Tower


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This is a gorgeous Amethyst generator tower with excellent purple color and transparency. Cut to a pointed, six-sided generator shape, this tower is wonderful for both holding and display. Amethyst is a beloved healing crystal and one of the most popular for crystals for stress and helping with sleep. Generator crystals are often used in meditation to direct and channel energy.

You will receive the exact Amethyst tower shown.
Size: 2.3in x 0.8in X 0.8in
Weight: 1.4oz
Origin: Brazil
Ships within 2 business days
Includes my Amethyst meaning card

Amethyst is an essential healing stone and one of the most popular for crystal healing and meditation. Amethyst is thought to relieve anxiety, help with sleep and increase will power in mind over matter situations. It calms and restores peace, helping with sleep and relaxation. A stone of the Third Eye, Amethyst can help open the mind's eye and enhance intuition.


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