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Ammonite Fossil


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This is a gorgeous, opalized Ammonite fossil with fiery red opalescence on both sides and some rainbow shimmer in the center. Wonderful to hold and admire, opalized Ammonites are both beautiful and have incredible energy. Ammonites with the opal-like iridescent color are an uncommon find making this a wonderful piece for any healing crystal collection or fossil enthusiast. Highly desirable for both energy healing and Feng Shui design, the Ammonite's spiral shape keeps energy in constant movement, raising and purifying the energy within the body and in the home. Learn more about the properties of Ammonite here:

You will receive the exact Ammonite shown
Size: 3in x 2.3in x 1in
Weight: 6.2oz
Origin: Morocco
Ships within 2 business days


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