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Ammonite Pairs | Shell Fossils


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These are natural Ammonite fossil pairs. Ammonites are fossilized shells that have a beautiful swirl shape. You will receive one Ammonite pair (two pieces). Each shell measures about 1" in diameter. 

These mysterious little creatures went extinct as a result of the k-pg extinction event the marked the end of the Cretaceous period. No direct relatives of the Ammonite exist today, so little is known about their way of life. This makes their fossils all the more interesting to scientists.  Interestingly, Ammonites are more closely related to squids than they are to the shelled sea dwellers that live today. 

These fossils fascinated our ancient ancestors. In 79 AD, near Pompeii, Pliny the Elder called these fossils ammonis cornua meaning "horns of Ammon”. Ammon was an Egyptian god, depicted as wearing ram’s horns.



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