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Angelite Tumbled Stone


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These are beautiful, high-quality Angelite Tumbled Stones measuring about 1in in length. These have very minimal white markings that are commonly associated with Angelite, so you see even more of that perfect blue color. All stones have an even, full shape which is nice for holding. 

You will receive one Angelite tumbled stone like the pictures shown and an Angelite meaning Card.

Angelite is Blue Anhydrite from Peru. 

Both strong and gentle, this soft blue stone has comforting energy that is likened to the presence of angels. Angelite is used in mediation to open the mind to the divine. It is thought to improve communications with loved ones and allow for a deeper connection. This crystal is soothing to the Throat Chakra and also is thought to aid with connecting to the spiritual or divine realm. 


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