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Apatite Crystal, Raw Gemstone Nugget, 1/2"


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Apatite Crystal Raw Gemstone - Loose Gem. A single, beautiful Apatite crystal. Apatite is both a healing crystal and a wonderful crystal for jewelry making. 2 qualities available. This Apatite is a unique shade of green / yellow, nearly a lime green. Very refreshing with natural facets that give these little gems wonderful sparkle. 

Choose your quality (style)
A: Apatite with no inclusions or raw stone left on the surface. Best for lapidary, jewelry and collecting. (shown in main image)
B: Apatite with some roughness left to the surface. Not totally rough, still has transparency. Best for healing, crystal grids, and those looking for a more raw feeling. Also would be nice for a raw stone jewelry piece. (B grade is shown mixed throughout images 2,3,4)

These are small gems, each has natural, rounded shape - not perfectly round, but not flat. They measure between 1/4" and 1/2"

Need something specific, just type in what you are looking for at checkout and I can accommodate most requests. 

Apatite symbolism and metaphysical properties
Feng Shui or Elemental Energy: Earth Energy, Wood Energy
Goddesses: Persephone, Gaia
Chakras: Heart
Colors: Green, Olive (mix green-yellow)

Apatite Science
Chemical Comp: Ca5(PO4)3(F,Cl,OH)
Apatite is an ancient stone, formed when our Earth was still developing into the planet we know today. Apatite stones tested for age date back to the Mesoarchean period, or 3,200 - 2,800 million years ago. During this time period, life was just beginning on the dry surface of the Earth. Apatite is the main source of the phosphorus required by plants to live. In a way, we are made of Apatite. The Calcium Phosphate than comprises our teeth and bones are chemically the same as Apatite. Moon rocks collected by astronauts during the Apollo program contain traces of Apatite.


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