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Apatite Oval, Blue Apatite Worry Stone


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These are beautiful blue Apatite stones with vivid blue and teal color. Shaped into a small oval, these Apatite stones make wonderful carry stones or worry stones. Their even shape also makes them nice, natural cabochons. The blue color in these apatites is natural, they have not been treated or enhanced. Includes my Apatite meaning card.

You will receive one Blue Apatite oval from the lot shown.
Origin: Madagascar
Sizes vary but they average about 30mm X 25mm X 8mm or around 1 inch long.

Learn More About Apatite Meaning & Properties Here

Valued for its charming beauty, upbeat energy and manifestation properties, Apatite stones encourage productivity and quick-thinking. Whether you’re a student or a CEO, this is an excellent stone to keep on your desk as it helps to reduce stress and increase focus. A stone of manifestation, Apatite helps us turn our dreams into reality by encouraging us to be more accepting of possibilities for our futures. By placing your goals at the forefront of your mind, you will more readily notice and accept opportunities to learn or grow in the direction you choose. Through helping us to think outside the box and feel confident in our abilities, Apatite teaches us that there are multiple paths leading to the same destination and that obstacles do not have to block our way to success.


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