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Atacamite, Chile

Rocks & Fossils

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This is Atacamite, a rare mineral hailing from the Atacama Desert of Chile. A beautiful and interesting forest green crystal for your collection, you will receive the exact Atacamtie crystal shown. Atacamite is a copper halide mineral: a copper chloride hydroxide with the formula Cu2Cl(OH)3. It was first described for deposits in the Atacama Desert of Chile in 1801 by D. de Fallizen.

Size: 2.4in x 2.4in x 1.3in
Weight: 5.2oz
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Metaphysical Info: Atacamite has been connected with profound and powerful visions, pending and stimulating the third eye chakra. It is thought to enhance psychic abilities as well as future sight. As a green-ray stone, Atacamite also resonates with the Heart Chakra and has a restorative effect. A stone of spiritual growth, emotional healing, manifestations, and enhanced intellect.

Mineral Info:
"Atacamite is an unusual and attractive halide mineral. It is polymorphous with two other minerals; paratacamite and botallackite. A polymorph is a mineral that shares the same chemistry with other minerals but has a different crystal structure. These three minerals are members of the Oxy-halides Subclass. This subclass of the halide minerals is unique in possessing oxygens and hydroxides in their chemistries.

Atacamite forms in arid climates where copper minerals are exposed to oxidation. The Atacama Desert, from where atacamite gets its name, is one of the driest places in the world. Atacamite has a deep green color and is often associated with many other rare and colorful minerals such as chyrsocolla, brochantite, pseudomalachite, connellite, linarite, caledonite, libethenite, cornetite, cuprite and malachite. Atacamite is a wonderful and interesting addition to someone's collection."


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