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Awesome Labradorite Freeform, 10lb


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This is an incredible, extra-large Labradorite freeform with a brilliant blue flash. It looks like a brilliant lake with a starry sky above. Flash is even better in person! The back has horizontal stripes of flash. Polished on all sides, this incredible Labradorite would make a beautiful addition to any healing crystal collection or a unique decor piece. Flashes easily so can be placed anywhere but looks best at table height up to above chest height. Placement on a table or bookcase would be perfect.

A stone of the New Moon and universal truths, Labradorite is wonderful for intention setting, developing intuition and new beginnings. Labradorite can be a stone of any chakra, as it can encapsulate all color rays. Many Labradorite stones contain more than one, or many colors. All Labradorite is thought to activate the higher chakras, connecting us to the vast universe; Labradorite is used to explore higher realms of thought and deeper levels of consciousness.

You will receive the exact Labradorite shown
Size: 9in x 7in x 3in
Weight: 9.9lb
Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals
Includes my Labradorite Meaning Card

Blue Labradorite resonates with the throat and third eye chakras, allowing for the flow of information and our ability to process or express our newfound knowledge. Rose and pink colors are of the soul-star, while gold and orange connect with our solar plexus and sacral centers. Green Labradorite resonates with the heart, creating a window into our truest desires and helps us find paths towards fulfillment.


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