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Axinite Crystal Specimen | Purple


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This is a beautiful Axinite crystal specimen with unusual purple hue. Normally, Axinite is a yellow-brown mineral, but it can occur with a hint of mauve as displayed in this piece which has large, well-formed crystals throughout. Axinite is an uncommon, complex borate silicate mineral. When large enough, Axinite crystals are faceted into gemstones. This specimen would make a special addition to any mineral collection or a unique healing crystal. 

You will receive the exact Axinite Specimen Shown

  • Origin: Peru
  • Weight:5.9oz
  • Approximate Dimensions: 2.7in X 2.2in X 1.5in
  • Price Includes shipping and shipping insurance
  • Ships in 1-2 Days from Cape Cod Crystals in Pocasset, MA. 

Because Axinite is usually a golden brown color, much of its described healing properties do not take into consideration alternate colorations. But in general, Axinite's energy is best described as 'wholesome' and replenishing. Its strong connection to Earths energies make Axinite a powerful grounding crystal, best used when placed near the feet during meditation - Reiki practitioners also may place an Axinite at the end of the table to connect with the Earth Star or first chakra and draw energy upwards. Here, Axinite is thought to realign the physical and spiritual self, helping break patterned behaviors. As a stone of wellness, Axinite is thought to help us endure and hurry along rough patches. It helps one become 'unstuck' from circumstances and discover new paths. While Axinite draws its energy from the Earth, this energy continues upward, leading us to higher realms of thought and awareness. Axinite assists one with accessing knowledge and is used as an aid for exploratory practices like lucid dreaming and past-life recollection. 


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