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Barite Crystal Specimen, Large Green Barite


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This is an amazing green Barite crystal specimen with clustering of translucent, olive-green Barite blades. A wonderful addition to any mineral collection or healing crystal practice, this Barite is an unusual find that will bring warm, Earthy energy to any environment.

You will receive the exact Barite Shown
Origin: Hunan
Size: 4.3in X 2.7in X 2.25in
Weight: 1lb 1 oz
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      Barite crystals are strongly connected to the spiritual world and are wonderful for stimulating and cleansing the higher chakras, enabling us to better hear our inner child, muse or spirit guides. Barite is a motivator; igniting new passions and rekindling old ones. It helps us stay motivated and remain on our path of fulfillment.

      Barite resonates strongly with the throat chakra, allowing us to better communicate our needs and care for ourselves. It helps us put the expectations of others aside and recognize our own indices. Meditation with Barite regularly can help us feel an increased sense of personal freedom and the ability to take on tasks or achieve goals we otherwise would have thought impossible without outside help. Additionally, Barite can reduce shyness or help the introverted or empathetic feel less drained after social interactions.

      All Barite strengthens friendships and can bring harmony in love and renewed trust in platonic partnerships. Aiding in communication, Barite is a stone helps us build relationships that are mutually beneficial.

      Barite can have a cathartic effect, purging us of repressed emotional stress that can ultimately manifest into physical conditions.


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