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Blue Lace Agate | Large, 9OZ Rough Specimen 38 | Genuine, Namibia

Blue Lace Agate

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Large, raw Blue Agate crystal with perfect holly blue/sky blue color and wavy stripes. This is a thick specimen that displays banding along the sides. Lighter crystal points cover the top. Perfect for display in its natural state or can polish easily. You will receive the exact Agate stone shown. This is a genuine Blue Lace Agate (as opposed to altered Chalcedony) and is from the famous Namibian mine, well-known for being the only source for this high-quality, true Blue Lace Agate. Includes my Blue Lace Agate meaning card.

Blue Lace Agate is known as the 'caregivers' stone, supporting an empathetic nature; a wonderful piece for nurses, teachers or anyone who relies on communication and connection. Its beautiful blue color mirrors the calming blue of the sky and movement of the sea. It cools fiery emotions with its gentle, comforting energy.

Specimen LAC-0038
  • Approximate Dimensions: 3.5in X 2.5in X 1.5in
  • Weight: 9OZ
  • Large, rough specimen with natural stone intact.
  • Ideal color with stripes
  • Lapidary Potential, fairly easy to shape and polish. 
  • Includes a Blue Lace Agate Meaning Card


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