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Blue Scheelite Ring, Size 6

Blue Scheelite Ring, Size 6

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This is a lovely Blue Scheelite ring featuring a swirling Blue Scheelite stone with excellent color. Set in .925 Sterling Silver. You will receive the exact ring shown and a meaning card. Please leave a note at checkout if you would like a gift box.

Stone Size: 22mm x 10mm x 4mm
Ships within 3 business days

Found only in Turkey, Blue Scheelite is a relatively new discovery that is still being researched and is gaining popularity in the metaphysical space. It has been available on the market since around 2014.  It is actually not Scheelite, it is a mix of blue Calcite in Dolomite and forms striking banding patterns. Metaphysically Blue Scheelite is a spiritual guide and protector. It offers a conduit to the angelic realm, renewal and emotional support. It was misidentified when first discovered because it shares some specific uv reactive properties with Scheelite.  Blue Scheelite invites exploration into intuition and spiritual dimensions, unveiling connections to inner wisdom and higher consciousness. Connected to the divine realm, the blue Calcite acts as a flowing conduit for divine inspiration & angelic communication. A great stone for writing lyrics or poetry or helping with journaling.  Highly protective and comforting. Learn more here

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