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Blue Smoke Quartz, Colombian Blue Mist Phantom

Rocks & Fossils

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This is a stunning, Blue Smoke Quartz cluster with 'Blue Mist' inclusions and awesome points. Stands for Display. You will receive the exact specimen shown. Blue Smoke Quartz, also known as Blue Mist Quartz is a rare variety of Quartz coming out of the Santander region of Colombia. It is identified by its lovely wisps of icy color caused by inclusions of Cookeite. Ideally it nice and clear so you can really see the inclusions within. The points can have Lemurian bars and the inclusions can take the form of phantoms.

Enchanting and ethereal, Blue Smoke quartz is a stone of ascension focusing on one's highest levels of consciousness and connection to the universe. It can awaken talents and unlock knowledge that resides within our spirit self. Cookeite is a stone of truth and helps us discover our truest purpose while also allowing one to appreciate their current situation through gratitude and deepening understanding. It calms the body and opens the Third eye.

Size: 3in x 2.75in x 3.5in
Weight: 7oz
Origin: Santander Colombia
Ships within 2 business days



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