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Blue Tiger's Eye Skull

Rocks & Fossils

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This is a unique Tiger's Eye Skull hand carved from variegated Tiger's Eye. Variegated Tiger's Eye, also known as Hawks Eye, is naturally blue tiger's eye. This skull was thoughtfully carved and is a one-of-a-kind piece. Keep Tiger's Eye by your side for increased willpower, protection, and enhanced intuition.

Sometimes referred to as Falcon Eye or Hawk's Eye, Blue Tigers Eye occurs naturally; the blue color is present during an earlier phase of Tiger's Eye development before taking on its brown and gold shades. In addition to the properties of Tiger's Eye, Blue Tiger's Eye is thought to ward off nightmares and promote foresight. It is a stone of protection and brings a feeling of calm awareness.

You will receive the exact skull shown
Size: 2.5in x 2.25in x 1.75in
Weight: 7.8oz
Ships within 2 business days
Artisan Carved


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