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Blue Tiger's Eye Worry Stone, Extra Quality, 1.25in

Tiger's Eye

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These are stunning Blue Tiger's Eye worry stones of exceptional quality. They have vibrant colors and remarkable chatoyancy. These stones have been shaped into a circle and polished smooth for comfortable holding and easy carry. Made from Varigated Tiger's Eye, these stones have a mix of blue and gold banding. Some have a bit of Quartz or Hematite too.

Sometimes referred to as Falcon Eye or Hawk's Eye, Blue Tigers Eye occurs naturally; the blue color is present during an earlier phase of Tiger's Eye development before taking on its brown and gold shades. In addition to the properties of Tiger's Eye, Blue Tiger's Eye is thought to ward off nightmares and promote foresight. It is a stone of protection and brings a feeling of calm awareness. Tiger's eye is a stone of protection, intuition and will power. Blue shades more powerfully resonate with the higher chakras.

  • You will receive one High-Quality Tiger's Eye Worry stone as shown.
  • Stones measure between 1in and 1.25in in diameter and are about 1/8in thick
  • Colors range from almost all blue to an even mix of blue and gold
  • Includes my Tiger's Eye Meaning Card
  • Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals


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