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Pisces Zodiac Stone Set | Astrology Gift

Zodiac Stone Set

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Zodiac Stone Set for Pisces - A wonderful gift for a Pisces birthday. Includes the best crystals and stones for Pisces. Comes in a wooden box. This zodiac stone set includes a detailed meaning card with a description for each crystal and information about the Pisces zodiac sign by a professional astrologer. 

* We Keep it Positive
Our sets were created with the intention to support the natural strengths of each Zodiac Sign. We do not try to "correct" flaws of each sign - rather, we chose stones that enhance their characteristics and celebrate their sign. 

* Made for Everyone 
Our constellation cards have a mix of Science, fun facts and so they can be enjoyed by anyone. One does not have to be 'into' astrology or even crystal healing to enjoy the beauty and interesting story of these stones. 

* In Depth
While our gift sets are for everyone, Cape Cod Crystals went a little deeper than your average horoscope - Each card was created with help from Professional Astrologer Amy Weeks, who has years of study and working experience in Vedic Astrology. Our Astrology cards discuss the traits of each sign, but also why certain characteristics are attributed to that sign and how the planets come into play. 

Read the cards below

Pisces Constellation: The Fish.
In the sky, Pisces is represented by two fish swimming at right angles to each other, one to the North and one to the West. They are attached by a cord. The fish themselves represent the Greek goddess Aphrodite and her son. Pisces’ brightest star is 316 times brighter than our sun.

Pisces Astrological Sign
Pisces is the ruler of the Zodiac's 12th house. The 12th house represents the transcendent, the dream world, long-distance travel, and enlightenment. Pisces is said to be like a channel to other dimensions, they have the ability to connect with other realities most easily. Pisces therefore, are our dreamers, daydreamers and travelers. Wanderlust, meditation, and activities that generate a feeling of escape, will interest a Pisces. They inherently enjoy dreams and may have an active dream life, including vivid or lucid dreams. They are our final intuitive water sign. They have heightened intuition, are highly empathetic, and communicate well.

Crystals for Pisces

Amethyst: Amethyst is perfect for Pisces as it is thought to aid the third eye, the place of intuition and communication with the universal consciousness. It has long been thought to prevent nightmares and promote positive emotions during dreams.

Fluorite: Another stone for the third eye, Fluorite also supports focus & communication. An extraordinarily beautiful stone, Fluorite comes in blue, green and purple hues that are intune with the water element of Pisces.

Aquamarine: To enhance Pisces connection to a higher consciousness and deepen perception of reality. This stone embodies the sea but reflects the sky. It is thought to promote discovery & new knowledge.

Blue Chalcedony: One of the few water stones that are also considered grounding. Native Americans used Chalcedony in ceremonies for its stabilizing effect. This keeps Pisces grounded but still supports their fluid thoughts, emotions and communication skills.

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  • How big are the stones that come in the zodiac set?

    Hello, thank you for submitting your question! The stones sizes vary a bit since they are natural pieces, but in general, I try to match the photos. For the Pisces set, the largest stone is the Amethyst which is usually about 1"-1.5" in diameter, and the Aquamarine & Raw Amethyst run on the smaller side, around .5". The Fluorite varies the most, I'd say they are usually between .75" and 1.25". For scale/reference, the boxes in all the photos are 3.5" X 2.5".   If you ever want anything in particular, you can always send me a message or ask here in the Q&A before ordering to make sure I can accommodate. All the best,