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Capricorn Zodiac Crystal Gift Set - Healing Stones for Capricorn Sign

Zodiac Stone Set

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Capricorn Zodiac Crystal Gift Set | A wonderful astrology gift for Capricorn. This boxed set includes healing stones for Capricorn and detailed meaning cards created with help from a professional astrologer. Astrological gifts are unique, thoughtful & fun to give. Read about the Capricorn Constellation and Capricorn traits, then see why each crystal is perfect for Capricorn. Perfect for a Capricorn Birthday gift or a crystal starter kit for your own sign.

We Keep it Positive

Our sets were created with the intention to support the natural strengths of each Zodiac Sign. We do not try to "correct" flaws of each sign - rather, we chose stones that enhance their characteristics and celebrate their sign. 

Made for Everyone 

Our constellation cards have a mix of Science, fun facts and so they can be enjoyed by anyone. One does not have to be 'into' astrology or even crystal healing to enjoy the beauty and interesting story of these stones. 

In Depth

While our gift sets are for everyone, Cape Cod Crystals went a little deeper than your average horoscope - Each card was created with help from Professional Astrologer Amy Weeks, who has years of study and working experience in Vedic Astrology. Our Astrology cards discuss the traits of each sign, but also why certain characteristics are attributed to that sign and how the planets come into play. 

Capricorn: December 21 – January 20

Capricorn Gift Set includes:

  • 1 Simple Wooden Box (about 3.5" in Length)
  • 1 Capricorn Science & Astrology Card
  • 1 Crystals for Capricorn Meaning Card
  • Onyx
  • Black Obsidian
  • Tiger's Eye
  • Raw Garnet

Read what the Capricorn Cards say below.

Please note that this information and our design work is Copyright of Cape Cod Crystals as of 2018. 

Capricorn Constellation & Astrology Card Reads

The Goat: Capricorn is located in the Southern Hemisphere. The Goat symbol stems from the cultures of Sumeria.  Babylonia portrayed it as a goat-human hybrid. And the Greeks associated the constellation with Pan, the God of Nature.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign: Capricorn is the ruler of the 10th house of the Zodiac. This house represents career, the father, experiences outside of the home and therefore, represents who you are in the public eye. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, who rules work, karmic lessons, and determination. Capricorns enjoy ‘climbing ladders’, putting in the work and receiving the blessings that come along with doing so. Capricorn is a sign of honesty as it is ruled by Saturn, who is known in astrology as the strict teacher. Capricorn will work hard to achieve their ideal lifestyle and support their loved ones. Capricorn is a stable earth sign, thriving in routine and desire safety and security. They enjoy a challenge.


Crystals For Capricorn Card Reads

Onyx: To help with wise decision making and boost stamina. Black Onyx has a long history, loved for its air of mystery and carried for its transformative & protective powers.

Obsidian: An enchanting stone, Black Obsidian is thought to be the most powerful form of Obsidian. Black Obsidian is in the “seeker” category of crystals. Seekers are talismans used to discover and forge a path to a more desirable future.

Tiger’s Eye: The classic symbol of both protection and strong motivation. Ancients believed in warded of evil. This stone brings Capricorns security and supports their strong will and work ethic.

Garnet: Garnet represents a noble heart, Capricorns are hardworking and generous. They may tend to seem work-oriented, but their determination comes from a desire for themselves and others to be safe and secure. Garnet is an earth element that is well suited to the sensible Capricorn.  


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