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Caribbean Calcite Pendant, Sterling Silver

Caribbean Calcite Pendant, Sterling Silver

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This is a lovely Caribbean Calcite pendant made with a light teal Calcite stone that has its beautiful crystal structure intact. You will receive the exact pendant shown. Named for the tropical waters it resembles, Caribbean Calcite is a relaxing, rejuvenating stone that supports the upper chakras as well as the solar plexus. Refreshing and energizing, these stones are wonderful for boosting mood or cleansing our aura of blockages and stale energies. Calcite is a stone of rebuilding, new beginning and stability. 

Approx. Stone Size: 42mm X 30mm
Chain Length: 20"
Chain Style: Diamond cut rope
Ships within 3 business Days
Includes a meaning card
Please let me know if you would like a gift box in the notes at checkout. 

A stone of the earth and heavens, Garnierite strikes a unique balance of grounding properties and ethereal connection. It is grounding and sparks creativity and ingenuity. Garnierite is also considered a stone of serendipity or ‘luck’ bringing positive change and growth. Garnierite taps into the Universe’s most essential energies. It is powerfully connected to the ancient Earth and the cosmos. It embodies a fascinating balance of energies that seem to grow and evolve as the stone is held. It offers a sense of safety and peace while igniting the creative mind and a sense of wonder. 

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