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Cast Iron Cauldron | 6" Cauldron


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Black, Cast Iron Cauldron with Handle - This 6" Cauldron is perfect for burning resin incense, holding tea light candles, and helping out with your everyday rituals. This is our larger version of the 3" Cauldron - just a little more room for Palo Santo sticks or White Sage bundles. Ideal for altars or carrying throughout the house or outdoors. Cast iron can handle the heat of burning Palo Santo, Sage or whatever you need to work a little magic :) Solid craftsmanship and a simple, minimal look that fits in anywhere. The opening is about 5.5" in diameter and they have 3 little legs. 

*These vary in size a bit* Not by much, maybe .75"-1" bigger or smaller.

6" Plain Black Cauldron

  • Made from Black Cast Iron
  • Safe for Resin Incense
  • Safe for Tea Light Candles
  • Safe for Smudging
  • Use to hold crystals or herbs
  • ~ 6" Diameter
  • ~ 5.5" Opening
  • Weighs about 2 LB
  • Metal Handle


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