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Celestite Crystal Clusters, Mini Celestine / angelite


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Celestite Crystal Clusters, Adorable Mini clusters of Celestine (celestite/angelite). Each cluster comes with a Celestite Meaning Card. Natural, raw crystals with lovely light blue color.

These Celestite Cluster range from 1.25" - 1.75" and there is a lot of variation in shape. Some are tall, some flat, some with a lot of stone on the base, some with almost none. So, if you want something in particular, please let me know by contacting me. 

This listing is for 1 Mini Celestite Crystal Cluster & meaning card. 

Celestite Properties

Celestite is best known for its high vibration and calming effects. It is commonly used in crystal healing for anxiety and stress or for enduring a distressing period in one's life. The name Celestine or Celestite comes from the Latin for Heavenly and was named for its soft blue color. Ancient peoples thought of Celestite as a piece of the sky that had fallen to Earth. 

Celestine is a stone of both Water and Air elements. 

Celestite is a powerful crystal for the throat chakra and assists the flow of energy between the crown and throat chakras; this stone is useful for spiritual connections and expanding one's consciousness.

Fun Fact: Celestite is the principal source of the element strontium, commonly used in fireworks !*!*!



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