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Celestite Geode, 8.8lbs

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This is a stunning, large Celestite geode with a massive Celestite gem inside that looks like a sky-blue diamond. A very cool piece that has a nice round viewing opening. It also sits nicely for display. You will receive the exact Celestite geode shown. Celestite possesses metaphysical properties associated with higher realms of consciousness. It promotes mental clarity and facilitates communication with spiritual beings. The crystal stimulates spiritual development and enhances connection to the divine. Celestite is considered a calming stone, fostering inner peace. Some practitioners maintain it aids in accessing higher dimensions, promoting a deeper understanding of one's spiritual path. Additionally, celestite supports dream recall and assists in balancing throat and crown chakras. It encourages honesty, clear communication, and the expression of one's true self.

You will receive the exact Celestite Shown.
Origin: Madagascar
Weight: 8.84lb
Approximate Dimensions: 6.5in x 5.5in x 4.5in
Ships within 3 business days
Includes my Celestite meaning card

Read All About Celestite's Fascinating history and healing properties here 


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