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Chalcopyrite in Hematoid Quartz with Dolomite


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This is a wonderful combination crystal with lots to explore. This specimen features colorful, golden Chalcopyrite embedded in a matrix of Dolomite and Hematoid Quartz. A lovely shape that stands nicely for display. It also has some Galena on the bottom. A unique crystal for any collection, Chalcopyrite is a happy, inviting stone that stimulates creativity and keeps one focused on their goals. Chalcopyrite is thought to inspire creativity and spice up routines or relationships that have become stale. Chalcopyrite is a merging or Iron and Copper; Iron is associated with Venus, or beauty, and Copper is associated with Mars or power. This combination is thought to be ideal for those in marketing, fashion, design or athletic pursuits like a new fitness routine/physical goal.

You will receive the exact Chalcopyrite/Quartz shown
Size: 3.5in x 3.5in x 2.5in
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Dolomite Properties: Protective, Shielding, Neutralizing, Calming, Centering, Grounding, Contentment, Balance, Detoxification, Fulfillment and Satisfaction

Dolomite is a unique and important mineral that is widely used for its healing properties, collected by mineral enthusiasts and used in practical applications for shielding from radiation and to maintain a balanced PH in saltwater aquariums.

A powerful buffer, Dolomite contains such low quantities of radioactive materials, it can insulate against interference from cosmic rays without adding to background radiation levels. Particle physics researchers build particle detectors under layers of dolomite to enable the detectors to detect the highest possible number of exotic particles. The Dolomite blocks outside radiation and interference.

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