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Charoite Cube

Charoite Cube

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This is a lovely Charoite Cube hand-cut from high-quality Russian Charoite. Excellent deep purple color. This cube measures 2in across on each side and stands on one corner. A great piece for both collecting and display. Charoite is an exceptionally rare and beautiful stone beloved by collectors and healers. You will receive the exact Cube shown.

Size: 2in x 2in x 2in
Weight: 12oz
Ships within 3 business days
Includes a charoite meaning card

Metaphysical Properties of Charoite : Emotionally, Charoite is both a protective and an energizing stone for empaths and healers. It motivates us to channel our efforts toward enacting positive change and helping others while assisting us in setting healthy boundaries. Charoite is a stone of inner knowledge, harnessing energies and purifying the etheric body. Popular among healers and psychics, Charoite is thought to help one tolerate high-frequency vibrations and prevent psychic fatigue. Charoite draws on higher frequencies of the Earth's energies, allowing it to be channeled into this realm through the beholder. In general, it assists the flow of energy through the body, removing blockages and preventing overstimulation.

While Charoite opens us to new energies, it also is considered an energetically protective stone, helping shield us from negative or disruptive forces. Charoite opens the mind to latent knowledge and activates Third Eye, nourishing intuition and predictive abilities.

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