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Chlorite Phantom Quartz Tower | Clear Quartz Point with Multiple Green Phantoms

Chlorite Quartz

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This is a gorgeous Chlorite Phantom Quartz point tower with multiple green phantoms inside super clear Quartz. A beautiful find for any collection, this crystal can stand for display and is small enough to hold and admire the green phantoms. You will receive the exact phantom Quartz shown and my Chlorite crystal meaning card.

It was difficult to capture how defined the phantoms in this piece are, but in person, you'll get the full effect. I love how clean this piece is on the interior while still having a beautiful green color to the phantoms.

Chlorite is a mineral group, most commonly Clinochlore, often appearing in Quartz as phantoms or inclusions. Usually, a rich green color, these occurrences are favorite for connecting to nature’s spirit & accessing the Earth’s energy for renewal of the soul, positive growth & productive optimism.

Approximate Size: 2in X 1.5in X 1.25in
Origin: Brazil

When Chlorite is present in Quartz, we have a crystal that synchronizes the flow of energy between the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, or the emotion and spiritual. It offers guidance, clearing our path for growth and new experiences. Chlorite that has taken root inside Quartz empowers and motivates us during our own personal winters or times of struggle. It asks us to appreciate the process and find joy in the everyday tasks that we might normally find tedious or not think much about at all. Finding value and beauty in something every day creates optimism and can rekindle our natural curiosity and creativity.


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