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Cinnabar Specimen


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This is a small Cinnabar specimen with several, gemmy red Cinnabar crystals in white Dolomite and wrapped in a dark gray matrix. You will receive the exact Cinnabar in Dolomite specimen shown.

Size: 1.7in x 1.1in x 1in
Weight: 1.9oz
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Read More About Cinnabar's History Here

Cinnabar is a deep red crystal that forms found recent volcanic activity. It is a mercury sulfide mineral that forms tabular rhombohedral and prismatic crystals that can be quite striking. Used for thousands of years across many cultures, Cinnabar has a long history as a stone of Alchemy, magic, inspiration, and protection.

Cinnabar in ancient cultures been associated with immortality and the protection of the immortal spirit. It is a thread between worlds, connecting us to the divine and eternal as well as the ancient human spirit. Cinnabar ignites inspiration and helps us make unexpected connections. It is a crystal of discovery and manifestation at the highest levels. A perfect stone for creatives and entrepreneurs, Cinnabar is associated with ingenuity, financial growth and preservation.

Dolomite Properties: Protective, Shielding, Neutralizing, Calming, Centering, Grounding, Contentment, Balance, Detoxification, Fulfillment and Satisfaction

**** Cinnabar Toxicity: This mineral is often misunderstood as being super poisonous. While Mercury is toxic, Cinnabar is an ore of Mercury, meaning it must be heated in a furnace, vaporized, and distilled from the stone. As long as you are not consuming it or performing Alchemy, it's fine. Cinnabar is safe to handle, just use common sense as you would any mineral - wash hands, etc. Do not prepare as an elixir or consume.


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