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Cobaltoan Calcite Specimen with Large, Lavender Pink Crystals

Cobaltoan Calcite

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This Cobaltoan Calcite specimen has lavender pink, large crystals and can stand for display. A genuine, unique specimen of Cobaltoan Calcite for your collection. Cobaltoan Calcite, or Cobalto Calcite, is an intermediary mineral between Calcite and Sphaerocobaltite. 

You will receive the exact Cobaltoan Calcite Crystal shown.
Specimen COB-0008
  • Approximate Dimensions: 2.6in X 2.3in X 2in
  • Weight: 6OZ
  • Origin: Congo
Cobaltoan Calcite, or Cobalto Calcite, is an intermediary mineral between Calcite and Sphaerocobaltite. In Cobaltoan Calcite, the element Cobalt is replacing the Calcium in the Calcite, this creates the pink color. If all the Calcium in Calcite has been replaced by Cobalt, it is Sphaerocobaltite. Cobaltoan Calcite is a distinct mineral state, in between these two minerals. 


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