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Copal Amber

Rocks & Fossils

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This is a lovely golden Copal piece from Madagascar. A natural formation!
Copal combines the revitalizing energy of the sun with the transformative, renewing energies of the earth. Copal directly connects us to the awesome power of nature and the life force that connects all things. Copal has been used by several ancient cultures to ward off evil spirits and provide spiritual protection. It is a stone that draws energy up from the earth, through the root chakra and resonates powerfully with the solar plexus. Copal boosts creativity, confidence and is a stone of overall wellness and vitality.

This Copal specifically is from Madagascar. It originates from the tree Hymenaea verrucosa found in the lowland coastal forests. The oldest artifacts made with Copal from Hymenaea verrucosa from Madagascar date from 2,500 to 2,400 BC and were found in modern-day Iraq, and the oldest pieces with bioinclusions date back to 2,000 BC and were found in Egypt. The island location of this forest is frequently hit with hurricanes and the intense ocean winds bend and create fractures in the trees making abundant resin and subsequently Copal. The Copal from Madagascar has a warm golden color and lovely clarity. It is found in large smooth shapes that have a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

You will receive the exact copal shown
Size: 2.5in x 1.75in x .7in
Weight: 29 grams
Origin: Madagascar
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