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Corinto Quartz Cluster

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This is a lovely Quartz cluster specimen hailing from Corinto, Brazil. The areas of Corinto produce some exceptional Quartz crystals and are all carefully hand-dug so they are free of tool damage. This cluster is exceptionally clear and has larger, well-formed points that lay flat across the piece. There is no matrix so it is more like a plate than a traditional cluster. A unique piece for any collection.

Corinto is a little town in the sandstone region in the northwest part of Minas Gerais state where much of the commerce of the quartz specimen industry is centered. The quartz locality is located just to the west of Tomás Gonzaga. It produces beautiful clusters of prismatic clear quartz crystals that are hand dug only by the locals of the village. These crystals are often very similar in appearance to those produced from the sandstones in Arkansas, USA.

Size: 3in x 2.5in x 1in
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Clear Quartz is an essential healing crystal and these tumbled stones are perfect for carrying with you. Clear Quartz is an essential healing crystal for cleansing, charging and directing energy. Considered a master healer, Quartz is thought to be imbued with the healing powers of Mother Nature herself. It is considered one of the most versatile crystals, working with any variety of intentions. It also amplifies the energies of all surrounding crystals and helps transmit their energy.

It is a stone of mental clarity and focus. It clears the mind and can bring ideas into sharper focus. This focus is excellent for meditation and manifestation as it can help us envision our goals more clearly and even bring to mind new goals or our truest desires. It can be used as a tool of creativity, allowing our best and brightest to shine through to the surface.


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