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Crystal Gemstone Bottle | 28 Stone Types

Crystal Gemstone Bottle | 28 Stone Types

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Crystal Gemstone Bottle  | Adorable little glass jars filled with the crystal or stone of your choice. 28 crystals to choose from.  These make adorable little gifts. Use these as a starter for spell jars or make your own wishing jar. 

You will receive one bottle filled with chips. 

20ml Jar with cork measuring 2.4in x .9in 

No label so you can decorate as you please. 

To Remove Cork, Carefully Twist and Pull 

Stone Choices

Tourmaline 6-8mm

Dalmatian jasper 3-5mm

Howlite 3-5mm

Tiger eye 3-5mm

Mookaite 6-8mm

Garnet 3-5mm

Red Jasper 3-5mm

Carnelian 3-4mm

Carnelian 5-8mm

Aquamarine 5-7mm

Aventurine 3-5mm

Amazonite 8-12mm

Amazonite 3-5mm

moss agate 7-9mm

Prehnite 5-7mm

Peridot 3mm

Yellow agate 5-12mm

Lepidolite 5-7 mm

Amethyst 3-5mm


Rhodochrosite 5-7mm

Peach Moonstone 5-7mm

Rose Quartz 3-5mm

Rutile quartz 8-12mm

Angelite 5-7mm

Aura Quartz 5-6mm

Opalite 3-5mm

Clear Quartz 3-5mm

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