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Crystal Wand of Cosmic Discovery, Lemurian Quartz, Pietersite, Sodalite

Crystal Wand of Cosmic Discovery, Lemurian Quartz, Pietersite, Sodalite

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One of a kind! This is a handcrafted crystal wand with three Lemurian quartz points, a large blue Pieterserite and a Sodalite point. Double-sided, this wand is an enchanting blend of cosmic energies that promote self-discovery, intuition, psychic development, and inner knowing. A powerful tool for your altar space or healing practice. The quality of the Pieterserite alone is excellent and I love the addition of fully intact Lemurians to this piece. This wand was handmade for Cape Cod Crystals in California by Aurafy.

Size: 6.7in x 2in x 1in
Ships within 3 business days with meaning cards.

Pieterserite: The all-blue variety is generally considered the most desirable. This beautiful phenomenon of nature was discovered relatively recently and has rapidly gained a reputation for having powerful energy often compared to a brewing storm or lightning. Nicknamed the Tempest Stone, Pietersite is like a cauldron of colors and energies flowing into one another. Metaphysically, Pietersite has been accredited with many spiritual and psychic properties from helping one study/focus to sparking telepathy. It's most recognized for honing the Third Eye, ridding the mind of distractions and illusions so that the physical and spiritual world can appear more clearly in our everyday lives. As a mixture of stones, Pietersite is a symbol or tool for reconciling the physical self with a more universal consciousness. A stone of unity, companionship, brotherhood, and connection.

Lemurians are thought to be inbued with the ancient wisdom of Lemuria - in general, they are a collectible type of quartz coming out of Brazil with distinct lateral striations and a tapered shape. Clear quartz, often referred to as the "Master Healer" or "Universal Crystal," is one of the most versatile and widely used crystals in the world of metaphysical and spiritual practices. Clear quartz is known for its ability to amplify and magnify the energy of other crystals and objects. When used in conjunction with other stones, it can enhance their properties and effects. Quartz is often used to promote mental clarity, concentration, and focus. It is one of the most popular stones for mediation as it clears the mind and promotes deeper insights and connection to the divine realm. A stone for harmonizing all chakras, but also works well when targeting the crown and third eye chakras.

Sodalite is a striking, dark blue stone crossed with flashes of white like a night sky. It is dense and grounded. It inspires one to consider themselves in relation to the vast universe and is thought to awaken insights into the self and reality. Ideal for deep meditation, it allows a quiet mind for reflection. Sodalite is a royal blue tectosilicate mineral that often has white inclusions of Calcite and black or dark green Aegirine. Sodalite awakens the third eye chakra and connects us to the guiding forces of the celestial realm.
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