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Danburite Crystal, 2.25in


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This is a slim Danburite crystal specimen with pale pink color and nice transparency. The perfect size for holding and carrying, this Danburite is totally natural and has not been carved or polished. One of the highest vibration crystals, Danburite has pure, gentle energy. A wonderful crystal for the 3rd Eye Chakra, Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, Danburite synchronizes the flow of energy within the higher chakras creating balance and harmony. Danburite was discovered in Danbury Connecticut and has since been valued for its exceptional beauty and strength - Danburite is actually harder than Quartz, just below a diamond on the Mohs Scale of hardness. 

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You will receive the exact Danburite crystal Shown
Size: 2.25in x 1in x .5in
Origin: Mexico
Ships within 1-business day from Cape Cod Crystals
Includes my Danburite Meaning Card




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