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Dendritic Opal and Black Spinel Earrings

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This is a lovely pair of Dendritic opal and Black Spinel earrings - the wing-shaped Dednritic opals are perfectly matched and the black spinel adds some sparkle. Dendrites form when Manganese enters a stone and forms a crystal lattice within the stone. Deriving from the Greek word dendron meaning "Tree", Dendrite crystals develop a multi-branching form and appearance. Dendritic crystals strengthen one's connection to the Earth and bring the strength and stability of a deeply rooted tree. Dendrites create peaceful environments and encourage the enjoyment of each moment. It lends perseverance during periods of growth and change, and the ability to see challenges in a positive light. Root Chakra. Virgo, Earth, Earth Element.

.925 Sterling Silver
Size not including hook: 25mm
Ships within 3 business days
Includes a meaning card


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