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Dendritic Opal Ring, Size 8


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This is a lovely, genuine Dendritic Opal ring set in .925 Sterling Silver. You will receive the exact ring shown. Dendritic Opal is an uncommon stone that is strangely beautiful and intriguing. Black and white Dendritic Opal has a minimal sort of elegance to it that makes it perfect for everyday wear.

Stone: Dendritic Opal from New Mexico
Ring Size: 8
Set in .925 Sterling Silver
Ships within 2 business days

Chakra: All, Crown
Element: Earth & Water

Dendritic Opal encourages spiritual growth and aids those on a path of enlightenment. Providing clarity and positivity, it clears obstacles from our path and allows us to grow from within.

As a stone of transformation, Dendritic Opal helps us make major life changes and break old behavioral patterns. It strengthens the fiber of oneself. It also supports those who help others to change.

Dendritic Opal is also a powerful cleansing and balancing tool. It allows us to acknowledge and accept all aspects of ourselves and to bring stability and inner peace.


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