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Dioptase Specimen

Dioptase Specimen

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A beautiful Dioptase specimen with excellent color. You will receive the exact Dioptase shown. Lovely and collectible, Dioptase is an intense emerald-green to bluish-green copper cyclosilicate mineral. A beautiful, vibrant crystal, Dioptase is a brilliant talisman of the heart chakra. It supports emotional and spiritual healing and accelerates recovery. Refreshing and energetic,  Dioptase clears one's energy field of disharmony and helps us release any frustration or tension. Dioptase is also associated with abundance, prosperity and manifestation. It is thought to attract wealth and new opportunities. Can be used to stimulate all chakras.

Size: 40mm x 30mm x 20mm 
Weight: 32 grams
Ships within 3 business days 

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