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Dravite Crystal | Raw Brown Tourmaline 1/2 Inch Stone


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These are solid, raw Dravite crystals. Dravite is brown Tourmaline. Each crystal measures about 1/2in long - 3/4in long - a great size for wire wrapping, carrying in your pocket or using on crystal grids. Add a lovely little Dravite to your healing collection for grounding during meditation and cleansing energy. 

Dravite, or Brown Tourmaline, is a stone of grace and comfort. In addition to the healing properties of Tourmaline, Dravite is thought to ease turbulence in relationships and makes one more comfortable around other people. It has the unique metaphysical property of improving social skills and relieving anxiety in social situations. 

    • You will receive one Dravite crystal like the pictures shown. 
    • Your Stone will be about 1/2" Long
    Raw Dravite is also available in a medium and larger size. 

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