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Epidote Crystal Specimen, Dark Green Raw Crystal


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This is a gorgeous Epidote crystal specimen with dark green crystals - perfect palm size for holding and admiring. You will receive the exact Epidote crystal shown. This specimen hails from Lima, Peru. Epidote is a stone of manifestation, abundance and personal growth. Though to act as a magnifier, Epidote enhances positive aspects of the personality and brings to our attention negative aspects that we need to acknowledge. It works through 'laws of attraction' helping the energies we send out return to us. This energetic 'reward' is just one of the ways Epidote is thought to bring about positive change and a sense of abundance. For use with a particular intention, Epidote is thought to be ideal for goal setting, starting a new project or getting through rough patches in one's personal or professional life.

Specimen EPI-0004
Approximate dimensions: 2.5in X 2in X 1-1/4in
Weight 2.7oz
Origin: Lima, Peru


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