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One of nature's rarities, this is an Erythrite crystal specimen hailing from Bou Azzer, Morocco. It features a coating of l Magenta Erythrite crystals across the matrix. Very nice color. Metaphysically, Erythrite is thought to have a powerful connection to Nature's divine essence. It is used to stimulate the root chakra and draw energy from the Earth throughout the energy centers of the body.

You will receive the exact Erythrite specimen shown
Size: 3in x 2in x2in
Weight: 9.8oz
Origin: Bou Azzer, Morocco.
Ships within 2 business days

Erythrite crystals display a range of reds, from light pink to vivid magenta to dark crimson. They also have multiple forms; Erythrite crystals can be radial or stellate aggregates, drusy or fibrous. Common Erythrite is powdery and massive, while striated, prismatic crystals are quite rare.

Also known as ‘Cobalt Blooms’, Erythrite is most commonly found growing as brightly colored crusts on Cobalt minerals. Because Erythrite is easy to spot by miners, Erythrite is used as an indicator by prospectors who are looking for Cobalt - Silver - Nickel deposits.


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