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Falmouth: Crystal Gridding Workshop, Friday, August 9th at 12pm

Falmouth: Crystal Gridding Workshop, Friday, August 9th at 12pm

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Unlock the power of crystal grids and get creative! With Kim. 
WHEN: Friday, August 9th at 12pm 

WHERE: Cape Cod Crystals, 419 Palmer Ave. Falmouth, MA,02540.

Cost to attend is $33 per person. Payment can be made directly to Kim with cash or card the day of the event. 

Seating is limited. Please reserve your spot in advance by booking online. 

 Crystal grids are powerful tools that combine crystal energy with sacred geometry. They create an intense energy field that assists with positive intentions and manifestations.

Crystal grids can be created and used for healing for oneself or loved one(s), manifesting, protecting and shielding yourself & home from negative energy, attracting abundance, improving relationships, promoting peaceful sleep, favorable weather, and so much more.

In this fun class, you’ll learn about different materials, crystals, shapes, patterns & layouts that can be used and amplified along with your intentions. You’ll also learn some tried & true crystal grid recipes. Have fun creating different types of energetic crystal grids!

Crystals and grids will be available to use during the class, and every guest will receive an informational handout.

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