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Flower Amethyst Specimen

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This is a beautiful, large flower Amethyst specimen with a long, petal shape. This Amethyst has a gradient of violet and lavender shades and has wonderful prismatic crystals. A gorgeous find for collectors and healers, this flower came from Rio Grande do Sul, the primary source for true flower Amethyst. Metaphysically, Flower Amethyst has a vibrant, ethereal energy that promotes growth, spiritual awakening, new love and self-discovery. Strongly connected to both the devic realm (nature spirits) and the divine, Flower Amethyst acts as a conduit between the world around us and heavenly influence. As a type of Amethyst, flower Amethyst also embodies the traditional healing properties of Amethyst and resonates with the crown and third eye chakras.

You will receive the exact Rose Amethyst shown
Approximate Dimensions: 5in x 3.5in x .7in
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What is Rose/Flower Amethyst?

Rose or Flower Amethyst is a specific variety of Amethyst displaying a gradient of pink and lilac colors. They form in flower-like bunched of prismatic crystals. They are found in cracks in basalt, and ‘plucked’, usually leaving a green chloride contact point on the bottom. The violet or blue hues found in the center are actually Chalcedony. There is a slight distortion to the trigonal crystal habit of this Amethyst, creating stepped patterns on the faces. Pink Amethyst also shares this unusual crystal habit. Pink Amethyst and Flower Amethyst are not the same.

Rose/Flower Amethyst crystals are unique to the Rio Grande do Sul area of Brazil and the flower-shaped specimens can usually be traced to Frederico Westphalen, which is the only source for excellent quality blossoms.


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