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Fuchsite Phantom Quartz Cluster, Madagascar, 67 grams


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This is a gorgeous Fuchiset Phantom Quartz specimen with multiple, clean Quartz points with defined, vibrant green phantoms. Excellent quality, this phantom Quartz cluster looks like an enchanted valley. A wonderful combination of Earth & Water energies, the distinct green of Fuchsite is really brought to life within the Quartz. Hailing from Madagascar, this Fuchsite Quartz is a unique and beautiful specimen for any collection; Fuchsite embodies the enchanting essence of the forest, emanating rejuvenating Earth energies. Encapsulated in Quartz, the Fuchsite takes on a refreshing and clarifying glow that washes over the spirit, resonating most powerfully with the heart chakra.

You will receive the exact Fuchsite Phantom Quartz Shown

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Approximate Size: 2in X 2in X 1.5n
  • Weight: 67 grams
  • Price includes shipping
  • Ships in 2 Days from Cape Cod Crystals in Pocasset, MA.

About Fuchsite:
Fuchsite embodies the mystical essence of Nature & the eternal cycle of renewal. Sometimes called the ‘fairy stone’, Fuchsite is infused with the Forest’s enchanted energies, It offers us the limitless restorative powers of the Earth herself. Fuchsite also offers comfort & belonging, as it resonates powerfully with the heart chakra.

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