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Galaxy Rhyolite Stone


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This listing is for one beautiful Galaxy Rhyolite stone with fascinating spots of glassy blue. These stones have a matte finish and round shape. Galaxy Rhyolite helps us connect to the celestial, deepening meditation, insights and heightening intuition. Its cool blue color is calming and stabilizes an active mind so that we can 'tune-in' to nature's frequencies. All Rhyolite connects us to Nature and Animal spirits. 

Rhyolite forms from certain types of volcanic eruptions, Rhyolitic Eruptions. When the lava cools rapidly, it forms the glassy spaces in Rhyolite. In Galaxy Rhyolite, these areas are blue. 

  • You will receive one Galaxy Rhyolite stone
  • Stones measure about 1in long and have a round shape
  • Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals



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